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Since 2000, Sage Arts Studio has held regular Chess nights for our students, with more than a few of our students getting into Go, Shogi and other Chess variants. This is a great way to spend time with friends.

It is our firm belief that mental exercises such as Chess help to promote a learning and foster logic and concentration. In this spirit, we have launched a new section on our site for our students.

The games we list here are some of our favorites, found elsewhere on the web. These games require a great deal of thought and help to sharpen one's concentration, exercise logic and refine problem solving abilities, traits which are essential for development in the Martial Arts. Besides that, they are fun!

We hope that students will frequent this part of our site, as we intend to add other games as we find them. Each link will open the particular game in a new window, along with a description, and a little background on the game designers and instructions.

Flash-based Games



Sobics School


Grain Strain




Missle Strike

To play these games you will need the latest Flash Player. If you don't have this, or if you have an earlier version, you may not be able to see or play the game.Click on this link to download the Flash Player from Macromedia.

Chess Variants

In addition to Chess, there are an amazing number of games that are based on Variations of Chess rules. Below are links to some of the more interesting versions we've found. Each link will take you to another site, where a Java applet-based version of the game is available.

Shogi - Japanese Chess, including unique pieces and an interesting drop rule.

Shogi Tutorial - Learn to play the game of Japanese Chess.

Mini Shogi - A faster pace version of Shogi, takes place on a smaller board.

Chessgi - Regular Chess pieces with some of the rules used in Shogi

Mage Chess - Queens move normally to any adjacent square, or may swap places with any friendly piece. Rooks cannot be captured and cannot capture.

Malestrom Chess - This board uses extra pieces, beginning with every square filled.

Leandro Chess - On a quest move, you can move as many of your units as you like, one time each, so long as you do not escape from check, give check, or capture a unit.

Millenium Chess - Essentially twice the board-width and number of pieces. Capture one king, checkmate the second. Pawns promote only to previously captured units.

Lord of the Rings Chess - When the first white piece is captured, White chooses the ringbearer from among the pawns. The White ringbearer can always move one square forward straight or diagonally. Taking the ring to the last rank without being captured immediately counts as checkmate. Black ringbearer can move as queen. White non-pawn ringbearers which are captured become black pieces exchanging places with their captors.

Unachess - Start with an empty board, add your units when and where you choose.

Unachess II - Same as above, but the landing units may not check.

Scotch Chess - Moving more than once, the number of moves increases on each turn.

Russian Stacking Chess - Revival of a classic Russian variant. Stack units rather than capturing.

Chess Variants Home Page - Many, many other versions of this game are available here.


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