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The links below constitute a group of resources available for free, for viewing online. As with most things online, links are sure to change over time. If you find a link that is no longer functional, please use the form to the right to send us notice and we will track down the resource to update or remove the link.

Online Books, Manuals and Historical Texts

In some cases, there are also multiple translations of the same work, which can be very enlightening in comparison. All of the links below will open in a new window.

Eastern Classics & Discourse

Tao Te Ching, Lao Tse

Tao Te Ching, Lao Tse (Alternate Translation)

Chuang Tzu - A Classic Taoist Text

Lessons of Kung Fu Tze (Confucius)

The Art of War, Sun Tzu

Go Rin No Sho (A Book of Five Rings), Musashi Miyamoto

Filipino History & Accounts

Swish of the Kris, Vic Hurley **

** Courtesy of Bakbakan International

Historical Fencing Texts*

* Resources marked with an asterisk below are courtesy of ARMA - The Association for Rennaisance Martial Arts and HACA - The Historical Armed Combat Association

Viking Fighting Notes from 23 Sagas*

Anonymous Fechtbuch: Manuscript  "I.33" 13th century German Sword & Buckler Manual*

Samples of Medieval & Renaissance Unarmed Fighting Skills *

Brief Instructions Upon My Paradoxes of Defence, 1898 (Commentary on Silver's Paradoxes of Defence by Captain Cyril G.R. Matthey) - Transcribed

Paradoxes of Defence, 1599 by George Silver - Transcribed by Steve Hick, Edited by Greg Lindahl *

Paradoxes of Defence, George Silver

Dialogo Primero Que Tratta de la verdadera Destreza, y de la Philosophia y consideracion de sus partes: en universal, Caranza - in Spanish; work in progress

The Private Schoole of Defence, George Hale - 1614 rapier text *

Sienz e Practica d Arme, Salvator Fabris 1606 (The Science of Arms) The first important Italian treatise on the true rapier *

Pallas Armata, Pars Prior (The Gentleman's Armory, Book 1 - How a Right-handed man is to play against a Right-handed man at single Rapier) One of the best English texts on differences between Renaissance sword & rapier*

Pallas Armata, Pars Posterior (The Gentleman's Armory, Book I - How a Right-handed man is to play against a Right-handed man at single Sword) *

Klare Onderrichtinge der Voortreffelijke Worstel-Konst Written by Nicolaes Petter, 1674 - (Clear Education in the Magnificent Art of Wrestling) English Translation by Remko Prevo, 2000 *

Comprehension of Destreza, Alvaro Guerra de la Vega (1681) - English Translation by Miguel Gomez *

Vollstandiges Ring-Buch, Johann Georg Passchen, 1659 - A complete English translation by Eli Steenput, November 2000 *

Vencento Saviolo: His Practise - Transcribed by Tom Hudson

Vencento Saviolo: His Practice, 1598 - Transcribed by Rick Orli

Images from Francesco Alfieri's 1653 L'Arte Di Ben Manegiarre La Spada - Later transition rapier text *

Images from Capo Fero's 1610 Rapier Treatise - One of the most important works on fencing ever written *

Neu Künstliches Fechtbuch of 1612, Jakob Sutor (Based on Joachim Meyer 1570).

Giacomo DiGrassi: His True Arte of Defence, 1594 - Transcribed by several people

Giacomo DiGrassi: His True Art of Defense - Transcribed by Rick Orli (Video Enhanced Translation)

Sir William Hope: The Complete Fencing Master, 1692 - Transcribed by Rick Orli

"His Treatise on the Science of Arms"Camillo Agrippa, 1568

- - - Illustrations of Agrippa

Hungarian & Highland Broad Sword, Henry Angelo - 18th Century *

Old Swordplay, Alfred Hutton - (Victorian Era scholarly work) *

Cold Steel, Alfred Hutton - (Victorian Era scholarly work) *

Schoole of the Noble and Worthy Science of Defence, Joseph Swetnam, 1617

Pietro Monte - From Medieval to Renaissance Master ...once again, J. Clements

His Treatise on the Science of Arms and Philosophy, Camillo Agrippa, 1553

Images from Fechtmeister Joachim Meyer's Kunst des Fechten - c. 1570

Opera Nova, Achille Marozzo, 1536 (This is the 1615 edition of Marozzo's manual first published in 1568) *

Images from Fechtbuch of Paulus Hector Mair, c. 1540 (From the German school) *

Fechtbuch Art, Albrecht Duerer, c. 1520 *

Ringbuch, Hans Wurm, c. 1507 - A Translation and Commentary by Keith P. Myers *

- - - Das Ringersbuch der Hans Wurm, c. 1505 *

Mertin Siber’s Longsword Fight-Lore of 1491 AD - A Thesis on the Fechtlehre from Handschrift M I 29 (Codex Speyer) at the University of Salzburg in Austria - Jeffrey Hull *

Le Jeu de la Hache, Sydney Anglo, B.A., Ph.D., F.R.Hist.S., F.S.A, ARMA Senior Advisor (A 15th century Treatise on the Technique of Chivalric Axe Combat) *

The Fight-Book of Hugues Wittenwiller from Late 15th Century AD - Translation by Jeffrey Hull, from transcription by Didier de Grenier *

The Solothurner Fechtbuch, c. 1423 (The Solothurner Fechtbuch is among the rarer of Medieval German fighting texts) *

Images from 15th century Fechtbuch, Goliath (A manuscript dated c. 1510-1520) *

Liber de Arte Gladitoria Dimicandi - Text and Images from Fillipo Vadi's "Book on the Art of Fighting with Swords" c. 1482-1487 *

Images from the Codex Wallerstein, c. 1470 *

Selected Anecdotes and Accounts of Epic Combat from Saxo Grammaticus (aka "Saxo the Learned") The Danish History, Books I-IX Late 12th - Early 13th Century A.D. *

Lovino (16th C. Fencing Manuscript) - Translated by Signore Giovanni Rapisardi

Commentaries on Johann Liechtenauer's Fechtbuch, Master Sigmund Ringeck, c. 1389 to 1440 *

Talhoffers Fechtbuch aus dem Jahre 1467 - Translation by Mark Rector *

Images from 15th century Fechtbuch, Gladiatoria (A rare manuscript from the mid-1400's - Text currently being translated) *

Flos Duellatorum, Fiore de' Liberi, 1410 (The Flower of Battle) *

Fechtbuch, Hanko Döbringer, 1389 (English Translation of the earliest known exposition of the "Lichtenauer tradition") *

Viking Fighting (Selected Verses from the 23 Sagas) - Presented by Todd Palmer *

Anonymous Fechtbuch: Manuscript I.33 (13th century German Sword & Buckler Manual) *

MS 3542: The Harleian Manuscript Analysis Project - Pt. I (Interpretation of a 15th century English text on the Two-hand or Great-sword) *

Polish Saber Fencing From The XVIth To The XVIIIth Centuries, Ciecia Prawdziwa Szabla - Highlights of Wojciech Zablocki's review of Polish Sabres, including Analiza Dzialan Szermierczych (Analysis of Fencing Movements) in Ciecia Prawdziwa Szabla

Targeteer - Sword and Target Tactical System Used by Europeans in the Americas, 1500-1650, Rick Orli (First Published in The Moderne Aviso)

Modern Western Thought

The Cavalry General, Xenophon - Translated by H. G. Dakyns

Military Matters, Flavius Vegetius Renatus - Translated by Lieutenant John Clarke

Military Commentaries, Gaius Julius Caesar - Translated by W. A. McDevitte and W. S. Bohn

Meditations, Marcus Aurelius - Translated by Meric Casaubon

The Prince, Nicolo Machiavelli

The Art of War, By Nicolo Machiavelli

Essays on the History of Mankind in Rude and Cultivated Ages, James Dunbar

On War, Clausewitz - Translated by Colonel J.J. Graham

Principles of War, Clausewitz - Translated & Edited by Hans W. Gatzke

Literary Resources and Other Useful Links

The Devil's Dictionary

Collected Works of William Shakespeare

Banned Books Online

Internet Public Library - Online books organized by the Dewey Decimal System; can ask questions of librarians

Project Gutenberg


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