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Student Notes

Below are links to documents that will be useful in a student's training. These are designed to help our students keep track of the curriculum, get a better understanding of where they are in their progress, and point towards the training methods and mindset necessary for their level of experience. We will be updating this page with new information throughout the year, so check back often.

Self-Defense Guide (PDF)
Written by Anthony Sell, this is an introduction to the nature of Self-Defense, including important considerations for Martial Artists.

Phase One Outline (PDF)
Though based on the Minnesota Kali Group version, this outline is unique to Sage Arts Studio, as it includes aspects of the curriculum which are unique to our school.

Phase One Evaluation (PDF)
This is recommended for students who have at least one year of experience in our Phase One program. This evaluation will allow us to further customize your future training.

Phase 2-3 Outline (PDF)
For students who are ready for Phase 2 and Phase 3 training, this outline will lay out the nature of training at these levels.

Phase 4-5 Workbook (PDF)
For students with more than four years of training, this workbook will be extremely useful in determining future goals.

Weightlifting Records (PDF)
A useful record for students who would like to keep track of their progress in the gym over time.

500 Round Challenge Guidelines (PDF)
For students who are interested in maintaining a high level of fitness through their training, the 500 Round Challenge is a great way to set a goal for the year.

500 Round Challenge Record (XLS)
Contributed by Mark Ertmer, this is an Excel Spreadsheet that will help students keep track of their progress in the 500 Round Challenge. (Right click on this link and choose "Save As")


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