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In addition to setting up automatic payments with your bank, many students opt to have the simplicity of an automatic draft of their acount. This way you'll never be late with your dues.

Whether you are purchasing pre-paid credits, paying your monthly dues, or reserving private lessons, you can pay with your Credit Card or PayPal account using our Secure Shopping Cart.

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Rates (Tuition)

The average tuition rate for Martial Arts studios in 2013 is over $150/month for a single child to train two-three classes each week. Most studios will also lock you into a year or two-year long contract, with additional registration and testing fees. We understand that students may not be comfortable with this type of arrangement, so we have a number of options to choose from. Further, our rates are much lower.

Membership Agreements

Where other schools will lock students into annual or two-year contracts, we have a simpler option. Our on-going agreements are very simple. We agree to give each student the whole of our knowledge in the Martial Arts, presenting this in a safe, productive, positive way, and in return, we expect our students to give us at least 60 days written notice before ending their membership. When a student joins, the day of the month on which they join will be their due date for each consecutive month. This way students can join at anytime, and not be locked into long term agreements.

Membership agreements are important to Martial Arts studios, as they allow the school to get an idea of who will be in attendance each month. We do not require these memberships, however if students would like a strictly month-to-month membership they will pay a premium rate.

  Unlimited Membership
Details Students may attend an unlimited number of classes each week. We offer classes Monday-Thursday evening, and Saturday mornings.
Monthly Dues - Basic Rate
(On-Going Membership Agreement)
$50 Annual Equipment Fee + $120/month
Monthly Dues - $110 Rate
(Requires Annual Membership Agreement)
$120 Down + $110/month
Monthly Dues - $100 Rate
(Requires Annual Membership Agreement)
$240 Down + $100/month
Monthly Dues - $90 Rate
(Requires Annual Membership Agreement)
$360 Down + $90/month
Month-to-Month Rate
(No down payment, no equipment fees, and no obligation to continue)
Annual Payment
(One year up front)
$1400 (save $40)
Annual Equipment Fee (Adults) $50
Testing Fees $25 for ranks under Black Belt
$100 for Black Belt
Private Lesson Rate $40 for 1 hour

Private Lesson Rates

Private lessons are a great way to prepare for an upcoming test, tournament, or seminar. This is also one of the best ways to work on certain topics, such as the Wooden Dummy, body mechanics, Sinawali, fitness, weight management, and more. Students can get one-on-one training by appointment with Mr. Sell or another staff member, on a topic of their choosing, for the following rates:

Membership Type Lesson Rate Duration
New Students
(Introductory Lessons)
$40/ea for up to 3 45 minutes
Unlimited Membership $40/ea 60 minutes
Instructor Training $50/ea 90 minutes
5 Lesson Block $200
60 minutes each
8 Lesson Block $320
60 minutes each

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