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Life Lessons in the Martial Arts

Throughout the year, we will be adding stories pertaining to the nature of Martial Arts philosophy and practice.

Index of Stories

Matajuro and the Art of the Sword
A story about patience on the path of learning.

The Challenge
Sometimes the greatest threats come from within.

The Fisherman and the Samurai
A rash act and a debt paid.

The Four Flies
Is violence always necessary?

Good Luck, Bad Luck
A matter of perspective.

A Jar of Mayonnaise and Two Cups of Coffee
A story about discovering one's priorities.

Musashi's Disciple
A story about overcoming fear.

Shake it off and step up
Persistence pays off.

The Stone Cutter
What is true power?

The Tea Lesson
Have you emptied your cup?

Just Two Words
The value of words.

Walking Zen
Attachment leads to difficulty.

The War Prayer
Be careful what you ask for.

A Wizard's Advice
The value of learning.


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